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How to play in
F - left
J - right

Short Description: In this multiplayer game -, you will become a bird, not very agile, and learn how to fly through the labyrinth.
Maybe a bird perfectly knows how to do it, but you definitely need time to go through this game. Use the keys to flap the wings and climb. There is one feature here. If you need to turn to the right - flap the left wing. You can just glide through the air. To do this, press both keys.

But the birdgame would not be that game if everything was so simple. There are no save. And to fly successfully through all obstacles is very difficult. Do not forget:
red rings - those that you have not yet passed
green rings - those that have already passed
blue rings - next

In general, this is a good game to spend in it a couple of dozen minutes. You can play it alone or with other players.

According our data have now ~6 players.
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