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Mouse - Move
Double click - Dash
W - Dive
Enter - Chat

Short Description: is one of the leaders in the genre of io games. And it is appreciated by millions of players around the world. Here you can meet a person from any country in the world.

The main idea of ​​this game is the improvement of your character to the dominant species on the server map. The final result depends from environment of your character - ground or water and of course how many points you get in game.
Of course, that better your character the more interesting it is to play in Mope, but this does not mean that the battle starts only at the maximum level. So, who you can eat is highlighted in blue, and who can eat you red color.
Remember, water is life. You need to constantly replenish stocks. It's not that hard because there's a lot of water. You can get water from killing animals.

Try to eat only what is surrounded by a green circle. For animals live on ground, these are berries, and for water it is plankton. Your game starts with choosing which animal to play. Remember the habitat of water or ground. With eringen you can move to the northern territories and become an arctic creature. To become fit to low temperatures.

It is impossible to describe everything. But there are officially updated assistance -

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