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How to play in
WASD - Move
Left click - Shot
Q E F - Second

Short Description: is an addictive battle game.
On the main page, you have the opportunity to choose the ability of your character.
This is important enough. Very different weapons are available here.
For example, a machine gun or a knife, but not only.
In the game itself, your task depends on the mode.

FFA is everyone against everyone. Just destroy opponents.
Team - two teams.
Flag - capture and hold the flag.

Sometimes improvements become available to you.
For example, faster regeneration or speed.
Health can be restored to special facilities.
Pay attention to the map in the corner.

Pay attention to the center of the map. There sometimes appears a load.
Or red circles. They can explode when hit by shells.
A lot of people play You can also invite someone through a private link.

According our data have now ~11 players.
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