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How to play in
WASD - Move
Mouse - Target
Space - Shoot

Short Description: The new tank battle has just begun. Prepare to shoot and do not miss. The main task is to score as many points as possible. This can only be done by destroying enemies. There are two tactics. Drive up to the battlefield, stop and shoot. Or maneuver and shoot. It is very important to avoid getting hit. Your tank is very vulnerable and will not survive a lot of hits.

When you download WarfareRoyale, you can choose type of weapon for yourself.

Slow fire - slow pace and recharge, but does big damage.
Rapid fire - fast rate of fire and recharge. Middle damage.
Moderate fire - average performance.

But in any case, your shells fly far beyond the screen. And by accident, you can hit the enemy. And that's very good, your patrons are endless.

According our data have now ~4 players.
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