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How to play in
Left click - Action
Q - Miners
W - Factory
E - Weapon
R - Tools

Short Description:
In the main task is to survive as long as possible against zombie attacks.
There are two versions. Single-player and two-player game.
In single-player also are several game modes.
They open sequentially.
After downloading, you have a crystal storage and never more.
To create something you need crystals.

They are obtained from Crystal Mine. You can create them in through the menu at the bottom of the screen.
Using an icon with red symbol. Remember that everything can be improved.
Click on the object and navigate the menu.
The better the crystal mines work, the more you can create.
Be sure to build walls. Otherwise, zombies will quickly destroy everything.

For some enhancements, you do not enough crystals, need gems.
They are obtained from defeated zombies.

In the multiplayer version of, players will also upgrade the fortresses.
But at the same time they can launch zombies themselves.
Do this until the enemy is destroyed.
It is not necessary to collect gems here, they are stockpiled just like that.

According our data have now ~45 players.
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