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How to play in
Mouse left click - move, target
Mouse right click - attack, interact, equip, enter
Keyboard 1 - heal, use hp potion
Keyboard 2 - mana, use mp potion
I - inventory
C - target your character
F - activate nearest NPC/door
R - use main skill
X - teleport
N - show name
\ - CODE
ESC - close, dismiss

More details in the upper left corner of the game.

Short Description: You can use any email for registration.
First, it is better to increase the experience by killing more green slugs.
Try it on squid on the sand.
Be careful, many opponents are stronger than you.
Find weapons and armor from the merchants.
The game is amazingly well designed.
And will bring a lot of satisfaction for fans of the genre.

According our data have now ~12 players.
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