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How to play in
Mouse - Move
W - Eject mass
Space - Split

Short Description: is the first truly famous game of this genre. The first version was presented as a small project of a student studying programming. But quickly conquered the world and became the model of the genre. You start with a small circle - bacteria. You need to absorb food, small dots scattered around the map and grow.

So you score points and start moving forward in the leaderboard. Very soon you will find that this is not the whole strategy. Your weight increases and it becomes difficult for you to move and it's time to start eating other players. Here you have several options. Trying to overtake with other players, while they can eat you. Separate and catch up and absorb another cell. Or to unite with anyone. Usually, for this purpose used a welcome with a mass ejection.

Traveling on the map you will find cells with spines. If your cell is larger than this, then when you collide, you are divided into many cells. This is not good. You can push such a cage into the opponent if you throw a mass into it.

Agar io have several modes:
FFA - free for all
Team - players are divided in colors
Experimental - added brown dots that, after absorbing someone, throw out the same amount of mass around themselves

According our data have now ~8855 players.
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