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How to play in
Move your mouse to control your cell
Press Space to split
Press W to eject some mass

Short Description: This is clone of
The main task is to grow the biggest bacteria and stay alive.
To grow, you need to eat colored dots scattered on the map, and smaller players.
But it's dangerous to approach more massive bacteria, because they can swallow you up.
The intrigue of Agar is that the more massive your cage becomes, the slower it can move.
To catch up with a small rival is no longer possible, if not for the ability of the cell to divide, spitting half of itself sharply forward.
Thus, you can absorb the enemy, the main thing is that the spilled half of your cell is more than the opponent.
You can share as many times as you like, depending on your tasks. After a while, the separated cells converge and merge into one.
The cells have a natural opponent - spiked circles. Having absorbed such a circle, the cell is broken into several parts.
This is very inopportune, so small players are hiding in the vicinity of such spiked circles from large rivals.

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