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How to play in
Right click - Pick
Left click - Direct to

Short Description: This game is a classic strategy game. Here you need to plan where your buildings will be, properly build your defense and conquer.

The first is to build your capital. Make this carefully. See that there are no other players close by. And there were many different resources. The building menu is at the bottom left. For construction, you need resources. They are mined by the workers. Click on your capital and look at the menu at the bottom left. Select first icon. Everything should work. As soon as your first worker appears, click on it or make a frame with the cursor. And direct it to resources. Resources periodically depleted. The top of the screen shows how much you have.

There are still buildings there:
Factory - adds new types of combat units
House - increases the number of possible units
Armory - improve units
Tower - tower for defense

Remember, you need different units.

According our data have now ~5 players.
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