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How to play in Arras.io
Mouse - Direct
Arrow keys - Move
1-9 - Improvements
Left click - Shoot
N - Get a new level

Short Description:
If game not working, try this link arras.cx
Like Diep, but maybe better! Shoot or die.
If you played the prototype of this game, then the rules are known to you. But there are some differences.
Points can be earned in two ways.
Shoot in the scattered figures or destroy the other players.
This can cause problems. The game has a great opportunity for improvements.
Once you get the required number of points, you can get a new opportunity for improvements.
There are new parameters:
Bullet Health
Shield Regeneration
Shield Capacity

Try to improve weapons first. Remember if skipped selecting the type of tank, then you can choose from more.

Two mode:

-4 team
Look closely at the color of your tank. There are places in the corners of the map.
In these places you can rest from the battle.
Tanks of the same color can not destroy each other.

-2 team
Two warring sides. You join one of them and your task is to support your team and earn as many points as possible.

According our data Arras.io have now ~196 players.
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