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How to play in
Mouse - Move
D - Accelerate
Left click - Action

Short Description:
The battle on the big swords and the fight for the title. The main goal in Bighero-io is get as many points as possible and stay in the game. Watch your enemies and go away immediately if you feel that you will lose. Points can be obtained by collecting small points scattered in the game.

Look at the upper left corner. There you will see how big your sword is in percentage. Collect colored dots and your sword will become bigger. There are several types of characters. Naturally the players. Bad drops. They attack you and make you slow. And a huge guy, if you kill him, then you get a lot of useful opportunities.

One of the main possibilities is acceleration. It will be able to help you catch up and win. Remember, in this game any players are vulnerable. You can also make your character what you want. The game has a choice of skins.

According our data have now ~7 players.
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