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How to play in
Mouse - Move
W - Throw
T - 4x Split
D - 2x Split
E - Split Minion
R - Throw Minion
S - Stop Minion
Q - Spectate Fly
SPACE - Split

Short Description:
In this game you control a small cage and must gain as much weight as possible.
To do this, first eat small points scattered everywhere.
And then start to fight with other players.
Blobgame-io has several game modes.
But in each of them the command game is important.
If you have an ally in blobgame-io, then it is much easier to play.
This game is distinguished by the possibility of significant customization for the player.
Be careful, there are special spiked cells in blobgame-io.
In contact with them, you will crumble into many small cells.

According our data have now ~135 players.
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