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Arrow keys - move.
Space - put the bomb.

A Z E - see below

You have to break through the labyrinth with bombs.
As you pass, you will come across various improvements and bonuses to collect them.
Beware of the green skull and other players.
If you want, you can kill other players.

check the lower left corner of the screen, if you are available ghost mode.
You can go through the walls by pressing A.
At the same time, you are still vulnerable to a blast wave.
And trap mines will react to you.

If the opponents pressed you, try a shield.
To do this, press Z.

Moving along the map, you can get into the trap mines.
Therefore, even in free space, clear the passage with bombs.
By the way, you yourself can put this.
Press E if available.

According our data have now ~26 players.
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