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How to play in
Mouse - Move
Left click - Drop

Short Description:
Raise your weapon. Soon to go into battle!
The main task in is to destroy the other players and collect their points. This tactic will allow you to become the first. First you can try to collect colored dots scattered on the map. But this is not very successful. Remember that even with a small hammer you can hit any opponent. And the more you win the more your hammer.

You can throw a hammer into an opponent. The arrow at the top of the screen will show where it is. So you have to go after him yourself. The game has a system of gaming points. On earned points you can buy another hammer or armor. Sometimes you can meet the turret with the stakes. They can hurt you.

Here is what the developer writes:
* Cute tiny heroes
* 13 Characters - Gladiator, Centurion, Pirate, Poseidon, Pygmy, Indian, Dark Lord, Elf, Knight, Viking, Angel, Samurai, Ragnarok
* Customize Your Hero: Full Character Customization
* 14 Weapons: Lifestar, Deathstar, Mocika, Gaddakylfa, Misericorde, Tesseract, Kol-Bin, Rhundu, Furibo, Mar-Duk, Granuale, Ohtar, Hoplite, Mace io
* 13 Garment Accesories: Crista, Corinthian, Crown, Redingote, War Bonnet, Djal-Djal, Salmarill, Telesphor, Deception, Horned, Armet, Malachim, Kimono
* 13 Tattoos and Special Items: Segmentanta, Hipporothax, Squama, Occluder, Ori, Meng-U, Vallaslin, Ta-Moko, Obscure, Triskele, Jotunn, Hauberk, Wings
* Left/Right Control Options

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