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How to play in
WASD - Move
Left click hold - Action
Right click or Space - Items on an enchantment table to enchant them
Num, scroll, click on inventory - Switch items
E - Shop
Shift - Sneak
Q - Drop item

Short Description:
Cavegame-io is a brutal survival game, where you have to wade through tangled stone labyrinths.
The main goal is to get as much gold as possible.
To do this, you can search for it and mine his with a pickaxe.
Or take away from other players.
At the beginning of the game you only have very simple tools.
You need to improve them.
You also need experience. Fight with other players or different creatures.
Try to sell unnecessary things through the menu.
And do not forget, you may build own blocks from materials which mined previously.

According our data have now ~39 players.
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