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How to play in
WASD - Move / Climb Ladders
Left click - Use Object / Grab Item / Use Held Item
Right Click - Use Held Item Secondary Space - Jump / Exit Ladders
Q - Drop / Throw Item
Scroll - Zoom

Short Description:
In Drednot-io get ready for battles in a very unusual world.
First of all, remember - this is a command game.
On the main page there is a list of ships, you can join one of them.
Then immediately determine which role is best to choose.
The base ship has a steering wheel and two guns.
And also a small stock of ammo in the boxes. Ammo needs to be loaded into guns and fired.
The choice of goals is great. Bots, after their destruction remains valuable resources.
Other ships - for fun.
Gradually, the ship can be improved.
Try playing drednot-io. It is very exciting.

According our data have now ~184 players.
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