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How to play in
Mouse - Pointer

Short Description:
FindNum io at first seems like a very simple toy. But this is very deceptive.
This is an excellent opportunity for training mindfulness. Here you can compete with casual players from anywhere in the world, or you can play along with your best friends.
All you need to win is very quickly of reaction and think.

The main goal in is to quickly find and click on the number specified at the top of the screen. The game ends as soon as the figure 80 drops out.
Players who click on the required numbers get more points faster. So the more accurate you will be the more likely wins.

Perhaps you can help one trick. Notice where the following numbers are in order.
And as soon as this number starts to play out, immediately click on it.

As already mentioned. You can play along with players from anywhere in the world, or you can copy the link and enjoy the game together with your friends.

According our data have now ~12 players.
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