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How to play in
Mouse - Move
Left click - Fly

Short Description:
Fly or Die io is a new and very interesting game, the main feature of which is the evolution system.
You have to evolve from the usual fly to the most insidious predators.
The main thing is not to eat yourself for other players.

The main goal in FlyorDie is to gain experience points and improve your character.
Top center of the screen you see a pink band of experience. It shows how much more to eat until the next improvement.
A little below the blue bar indicating the need for water. If this band has practically disappeared, you are urgently looking for water.
Below is what you can eat. Look at other players, if they are highlighted in red - beware.
They are proud of you.
In the game, everything is quite logical. For example, the fly eats leftovers, birds eat bread.

FlyorDie io is a game in which there are a lot of maps of the existing ones in parallel. And you choose, then where your character will most easily get what's needed.
There are few flowers in the city, but there is food which is not in the fields. For successful growth you need to move in all directions.
You can hide in the clouds or explore the dungeons.
Be careful with ponds, there may be predators. This can be a clue to you.

Every creature in FlyorDie can fly. All creatures can be divided into three groups: insects, small birds and large birds.
A brown falcon can eat everyone. But dislike flies and fruit trees.
If you become them, you can horrify all the players.

According our data have now ~275 players.
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