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WASD - Move
1,2,3,4 - Slots
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Short Description: Drilling tunnels at a height of hundreds of meters above the ground. And do not forget, flying skeletons will try to eat you! And if you do not like the standard map, try to create your own.

The main task in GunBox is to become a leader and keep it as long as possible. To getting points, you have two ways. The first is drilling through blocks of which the surrounding area consists. This is necessary not only for points, but also for moving across map. Sometimes this way you can be saved from other players.
The second way is killing other players and bots. You will quickly encounter flying skeletons, immediately shoot them.
Remember, it's best to destroy the blocks with a pickaxe.

Improve bullet size. To do this, there is a menu at the bottom left. Menu is not always available. The selection menu is at the bottom right.
1 is a variable weapon.
2 is a permanent weapon, a pistol.
3 is?
4 is a pickaxe.
Pistlet, and later another - a weapon with infinite ammunition. After a number of improvements, this becomes a good weapon, and you will be able to fight with other players.

According our data have now ~12 players.
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