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How to play in
Mouse - Move
N - Place nest
Ctrl - Sprint
X - Stop/walk
A - war call/rest
E - eat/collect food

Short Description:
At the player will have to constantly survive.
Because there are so many different carnivorous creatures ready to eat you.
Pay attention to the icons in different parts of the screen.
It displays what your character can take or already has.
First you need a comfortable place for the family.
Collect some sticks and create a house.
Do not go far from it while yours are few.
In some places it is very dangerous, and in others you can take a little rest after the battles.
The main goal in the game is to become the best player.
To do this, your character must evolve.
A variety of people play at Therefore, the server is always interesting.

According our data have now ~5 players.
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