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How to play in
Left click - Action
WASD - View

Short Description: is a game about conquering and battling kingdoms.
There are two modes. 2v2 - you and a friendly player fight against other participants.
And 1v1 - its battle with one player.
Pay attention to the bottom of the screen. There displayed game statistics.
For a successful game you need gold.
So immediately start capturing free villages.

In this game you can surround the enemy and capture territory in this way.
For war you will need armies and castles. In the beginning you have only one.
But you can build they with help camp and tower upgrades.
After one more click and the menu of directions opens.
You can send troops for your offensive, defenses and recovery buildings.
The team that will either destroy the opponents or capture the largest number of squares will win.
In there are varous game modes, chat and many players.

According our data have now ~5 players.
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