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How to play in
WASD or Mouse - Move
Click anywhere - Attack nearest building
Click on building - Attack this building
E - Activate Power
Space - Split
B - Build menu
U - Units menu
F - Formation menu
V - Rewarded videos menus
C - Change formation
M - Show mini map
Enter - Chat

Short Description:
In new Lordz2-io you will have to face dragons, knights and soldiers.
First you need gold. Just go and collect it.
Now you need a castle. Careful choose a place for it.
Pay attention to the menu below. With it, you can create buildings and people.
For the army we need peasant houses.
You will need special buildings to unlock special creatures or upgrades.
You can have more than one castle.
So you will may to get close to the enemies and attack.
In Lordz2-io there is a evolution system.
Go through the battles and capture the countrys.

According our data have now ~81 players.
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