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How to play in
Left click - Move or Attack
Right click - (Inventory) Сonsume potions, swap equipped items, (Trade) buy or sell

Short Description: is an amazing game about dungeons and magnificent treasures.
The game starts in a safe place. Here you can relax, chat with other players or trade items.
Now you are ready to go to the real underground.
Go to the door and click on it. Your character will enter it.
Walk on tangled roads, look for chests to get rare magic items.
Be sure to fight different creatures.
In there are squares checkpoints. Be sure to use them.
Some creator tips:
The type of weapon you use can change your main damage attribute.
- Melee weapon gives strength
- Bows and crossbows give dexterity
- Staffs gives insight

According our data have now ~7 players.
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