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How to play in Mydragon.io
Mouse - Move
Left click - Accelerate
Right click - Special

Short Description: Mydragon.io is a new and pleasant game with an excellent drawing of details and familiar to every game control lover. Prepare for an air battle and begin!

Your character is a dragon, you need to help him grow and get most powerful weapon.

Below there is a band of experience, to increase it you need pink balls scattered on map. Eat them and get experience. Experience is useful for you to increase your main weapon - horns. The more experience more horn. This is a very powerful advantage in the game. After all, dragons are very sensitive to its impact.

Sometimes you see gold balls near you. Try to eat them at once. These are bonuses. Which specifically, you will learn only after. The result is displayed at the top of the screen. Activated with the right click or Space. There are very different bonuses - invisibility, acceleration and much more.

Next to your dragon, you see a circle and a number. This displays your acceleration capability - booster. Use acceleration if you have this option displayed. Use it wisely. After all, this is a great opportunity to escape from the enemy. This ability will be filled in time, and also if you eat a pink ball.

According our data Mydragon.io have now ~6 players.
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