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How to play in
Mouse - Move
Left click - Shoot
Right click - Hit
1-9 - Select

Short Description: Darkness, an abandoned city and zombies. You only have a flashlight and it will help you not to meet a zombie.

In there is no fight with other players. It's quite unusual, but it makes sense. You are all in same team, team of survived. But you can join group so it will be easier to walk through the city. It seems there is no specific goal, but maybe it is not.

Lookup to bottom part of the screen, there is displayed your health. And on the right side of the screen there is a sound level meter. The more noise, the more zombies attack you. Can happen so that you find yourself next to a noise source and then immediately leave there.

Sometimes you may notice scattered boxes. Approach them and make several strikes. When the box is broken and the weapon is selected, press 1 to select it. There may be a different weapon or first-aid kit. As a weapon you can use a punch hand. In general, this is an interesting game with a fascinating world where you can spend a couple of dozen minutes.

This game was made by a real fun of games. He has other games.

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