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How to play in
Arrow up - Accelerate
Arrow down - Brake
Arrow right - Incline
Arrow left - Incline
Enter - Last checkpoints

Short Description: The history of this game has many years. During these years, the perfect gameplay was developed. Many tracks, you yourself can create the desired road and pass it. A very qualitative approach to creating games.
In this game there is physics of real worlds. Use accelerate very carefully. The brake can overturn your car and kill the player.

The main goal is to go through different routes as quickly as possible and not make mistakes. Do not worry about how to do this. At the beginning of the game there is a detailed textbook. In the upper right corner of the screen shows your experience. The more races you will pass the more your experience. You can get stars for creating tracks. And your name will be shown to all participants of the game which will go on your race track. The stars you can spend on the purchase of different avatars and cars. For this opportunity, you will need to register. has a career tab. There you can pass the best races and compete with other players. Particular attention deserves the track of the day. This is the most difficult road, at least today. Believe me, if you pass it you are a real driver.

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