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How to play in
WASD - Move or turn
Arrows - Move or turn
Space - Shot
1, 2, 3, 4 - Select weapon
Z, x, c, v - Select newsprint weapon
Q or ctrl - Jump
E or alt - Diagonal jump
Shift - Auto move
R - Clear current move
N - Options
M - Map

Swipe - Move or turn
Tap - Use selected weapon
Swipe angled up and down /\ - Jump
Swipe angled down and up \/ - Diagonal jump
Swipe up and down || - Auto move
Swipe diagonal / - Clear current move

Short Description:
In this world you need to escape from monsters.
Practice to start in single user mode and feel the pleasure.
And then go to the battle.
Watch out for enemies and move very carefully.
But do not linger. The safe zone is constantly shrinking.
Pay attention to red or blue hearts.
Immediately head towards them. They add your character life.
For additional weapons you will need to find ammunition.

According our data have now ~12 players.
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