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How to play in
WASD - Move
Left click - Action
1-10 - Inventory
Enter - Chat

Short Description:
Welcome to the world of water. There are several islands in the center of the map, but do not expect that there will be better.

The first thing you need is a Fishing Rod.
With this you can get food and not starve to death. Look to the menu on the left.
Look for Fishing Rod and click on this cell. Now you have it in one of the slots below.
Click there and select. Click again and drop the fishing rod. Wait until it bites and click again.
With the fishing rod you can pull things up. It's safer than swimming behind them.
Keep an eye on the Nutrition indicator.

To create drinking water you need Water Maker. Click on this icon and see what you need.
Look for the necessary raw materials in the water. Use the fishing rod.
Water Maker requires Glass. This is raw material.
Then put Glass in Water Maker and get water.
See for Hydration.

If you are hurt by enemies or sharks then you need a patch.
Click on the settings - the upper left corner.
Consumable - Badage

You have a limited number of slots. Therefore, some things have to be put somewhere.
And before that, try to keep only what is necessary.

According our data have now ~8 players.
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