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How to play in
Mouse - Move
Left click - Action

Short Description: In this game you can improve your knight, fight with monsters and travel.

First you arrival on the first level. Take your time, you need weapons and ammunition. And of course experience. Look for monsters and start to beat them. So you earn gold for purchases. Sometimes there are non-standard creatures. To look for them, look at the map in the corner. There you can easily find them. After receiving gold, go to the dealer in the corner of the map and buy everything you need. You need a sword and other things.

All the necessary information about your characters you can read at the bottom of the screen. The purchased items have several levels of improvement. You can navigate between different maps using portals. They are clearly marked on the map. Prepare yourself that there may be monsters stronger than you. The experience gained by you will not be restored if the opponent was stronger than you.

According our data have now ~5 players.
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