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How to play in
Mouse - Direct
Left click - Action
WASD - Move

Short Description: Collect your group of tanks and start fighting with other players. Huge selection of different settings.
Start by collecting resources. Just shoot scattered figures.

Pay attention to the color:
Brown - wood
Gray - iron
Gold - gold
Blue - diamonds
Purple - amethyst

These materials different by strength. You can convert them.

At the bottom of the screen there is a menu of buildings:

Spike - a small appendage which deals significant collision damage.
Basic Turret - a regular turret with a single gun.
Sniper Turret
Twin Turret
Healing Unit - a support unite which heals connected units over time.
Octa Turret
Cannon Turret
Alchemy Lab - an experemental unit which converts one resource to another. For example, a wooden laboratory creates iron.

Pay attention to Alchemy Lab. It converts the elements. If you created an wood lab, it converts resources you get to iron.
It is better just to build as many as possible an armed unit and shoot. If you destroy an opponent you get his resources.
You can improve units. Just click on it and see top.

According our data have now ~18 players.
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