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Mouse - Move

Short Description: The main goal in tictax is to win on three fields arranged in a row.
In each of these fields exists small game.
While making a move, you send the opponent to move to another field.
The position of the other field depends on how you make the move now.
If that field is already won, then the move can be done anywhere.

This is a very interesting approach to the old Tic-tac-toe. There is an initial tutorial. So you can practice before the game. There is an opportunity to play with a friend. This game requires some preparation. But it will make you happier.

Here is what the developer says:
Click to place a tile.
Try to get three tiles in a row.
If you win three tiny games in a row, you win the entire game.
The move you make controls which tiny game becomes available.

According our data have now ~5 players.
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