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Short Description: Oh, this is excellent. A new genre in games was born now. Play it and see for yourself. And do not forget to invite your friends!

The main goal in is very fastes typing text on keyboard and capture other cells. You start with a cell lost somewhere on map. There may already be other players next to you, so start soon. To capture a neighboring cell, you need to see what word is written there and type it. Just type on keyboard text, nothing extra is needed. If you correctly type this word, then corresponding symbols become dark. Be careful, if you make a mistake you have to start again.

Traveling on map you will see cells marked with a star. It can not be captured. But type words written there and get points.

Faced with another player, type text sooner, because there is no saving. Watch other players - see at edges of the map. And of course, look at leaders table.

The developer recommends:
-Move vertically and horizontally within your area with arrow keys
-Claiming shielded nodes will also take nearby vertical and horizontal nodes leading to an opponent death
-Scroll to zoom from your position

According our data have now ~24 players.
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