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How to play in
Mouse - Direct
Arrow keys - Move
1-9 - Improvements
Left click - Shoot
N - Get a new level

Short Description: A new uncompromising tank game. Here you can find more than 100 different types of machines. Here is a very interesting gameplay. You are immediately available all abilities without training. But Varrs does not get boring from it. After all, you need to have time to customize your destroyer and start a fight. And it's not so easy. Remember the projectile is better than a shield.

Although you just get the maximum level, but you can destroy other players and gain additional experience. So it makes sense. The game world is small enough, but opponents will not let you get bored. Players are divided into several teams. Players of one team can not destroy each other.

Evolution in this game can be said for a long time. To make this task easier, look at the improvements in famous

Perhaps these games will soon become a lot more. It all started with and fun-version of diep. After some time, its developer placed the source code in open access. So this game appeared. In comparison with Arras, there is more minimalism here. There are no destructible objects here. The main idea is to fight against other players.

According our data have now ~7 players.
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