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How to play in
Left click - Pick
Right click - Move
Ctrl - View
Scroll - Zoom

Short Description: is a strategy whose main task is to fight for resources.
At the beginning you need to choose a place for the base.
Do it near the coast. Double click and done.
Small green circles will appear near the base. Click on him and send to shore.
They will mine necessary resources.

To more efficiently handle resources, build a Container.
He will be able to accept bots with resources.

You will also need energy. Therefore, create a Generator and Battery.
Pay attention to the upper right corner. It shows how many resources and energy you have.

Splitter - allows you to create branches for easy planning of structures.

Spawler - creates bots for resource extraction.

Fabrica - send bots for him and create:
Miner - extracts and drills resources. May cause damage.
Shooter - mobile weapon.
Deflector - can reflect shots.

Cannon - is a static weapon.

According our data have now ~8 players.
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