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How to play in
Mouse - Move
Left click - Accelerate
Q - Accelerate
W - Stop
E - Transparancy

Short Description:
Wormax2-io is a new approach to the classic game.
Travel around the map and eat various goodies.
Amanita better not to eat, they are poisonous.
In this implementation of the gameplay there are some features.
Here each participant has three lives.
After each encounter, your character loses one life and some mass.
Look, those who have lost their lives have bandages and bandages on their bodies.

Explore the map, collect various improvements.
Among them:
Telescope - allows you to see further
300 points - gives 300 points
Magnet - attracts food

Remember, these improvements are temporary. When they run out, their will have to look again.
In Wormax2-io, if you accelerate, you lose points.
Try to jump out before head of another player and force him to collide with you.

According our data have now ~665 players.
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