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How to play in
Mouse - Move
Left click - Accelerate
W - Stop
E - Turn on the ghost skill to pass through others

Short Description:
Wormax io is a great game that likes a lot of players around the world.
There are snakes of the most unusual forms. It all looks like a fantastic film.
Sometimes it's even scary, but always attractive.

In this game, you can register and improve your character.
But in any case you need skill.

The main goal is to gain the greatest mass. For you it is necessary to collect scattered everywhere meshyaschiesya points.
If the worm crashes into something, then it immediately dies!
Then it breaks up into a set of assembled points. These points can be eaten and increase their mass.
This is the main obstacle to the summit. After all, you are constantly hindered by other players.

Use acceleration, full stop and the ability to "Ghost". Once enabled, you can go through another worm.
Each of these skills requires mass consumption. Proper use of these opportunities will make you the main one.


Unlike similar games in Wormax io there is a system of changes.
To do this you need to register in the game. After that, you get the Essence in the amount of 1000 after losing and 3000 after the first loss.
For this Essence, you insert 7 additional skills into the slots of your worm.

Use them as a temporary improvement. Each of them has its own unique ability.

According our data have now ~883 players.
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