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Short Description: Xocaro io is a logical game where for victory you need to put in a row five characters. Sometimes this game is called big-xo. But Xocaro it's more like a Gomoku. An ancient Chinese game that is played on a wood board with black and white stones.

Despite the seeming simplicity of this game gives a lot of strategies. Main goal is to put five of your characters in a row. The series can also be diagonal. You can put symbols as you wish and not necessarily next to each other. In this implementation of game there are no restrictions on any figures. Therefore, try to create figures 4x4. So you are guaranteed to be able to win.
Take advantage of the first player and try to impose your game opponent. Arrange your symbols close to each other.

Examples, you x:

The advantage of this game is that here you can play with your facebook profile. You can take this game in your pocket. There is a mobile version. Invite your friends or play with strangers and win.

According our data have now ~4 players.
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