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How to play in
WASD - Move
Left click - Pick

Short Description:
The main task in Yorgio is to create a balanced empire capable of repelling zombie attacks.
Do not forget that other players can attack you. So the task is much more complicated.

First you need to choose a place for your capital. Approach it with caution.
The network is what you have to create. After the creation of the capital, you need additional mines for red crystals.
Find beside you such crystals and put the plant. Near to one source of ore there can be several plants.

For a successful game, you need to make improvements. First you need to improve the capital.
Click on the capital icon and click on the improvement. Do this for your other buildings.

It is especially important to improve your mines. They create your empire. The game also has active protection.
Guns and thunderbolts help you better repel attacks. Remember that for a successful supply, you need to build the appropriate roads.
Keep in mind that there have been many ways to deliver resources, otherwise congestion may occur.

In general, this is an amazing game for strategy lovers.

Basic Tutorial from
Find a good spot for your base, near to some resources.
Place some crystal mines, to ensure regular income.
If your mines are not connected to your base, place transporters.
Since zombies attack at night, you want to place some defensive towers.
Towers need resources, place resource miners and processors to provide those

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