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Left click - Use
1-7 - Elements
Space - Reset the spell

Short Description:

Seven Elements:
Combine the elements to create spells.

The spell must be studied before it is formed.
Learn new spells by purchasing scrolling spells in the temple for precious stones.
Shrines give random spells of the element they represent.

Join or create an order in a team with other players and create a base.
Build the order kernel to start the order and request the zone in which it is located.
Only members of the Order that controls the zone can build structures in this zone.
Collect resources and learn more spells to create more useful structures.

Used as a material for building and repairing structures.

Used as a material for building advanced structures, and as a power source.
Can be consumed to regenerated energy.

Used to recruit NPC allies for your Order.
Can be consumed to regenerate hitpoints.

The main goal is to gain control over the territories.
Territories are called Zone. Total in the game 9 Zone.
To capture, you need to build your own magic order on it.
This is a specialized sphere that can only be one.
If the Order already exists, then it must be destroyed.
The order is needed for the possibility of construction on the territory.

The Order costs 8 Gems and 8 Wood. First you need to get these resources, destroying trees and stones.
In total, your inventory can hold 16 items.

People who approach your Order Sphere and click on it will join you.
If you build a door, only members of the Order can pass through them.
All the rest have to destroy them to pass.

Spells in the game can be compound.
To learn the spell you need to find the Statue and go right up, having 4 Gems in the inventory and clicking on it.
You will pay 4 Gems and buy a spell. Now go into inventory and double-click to activate the scroll with the spell.
Now you know it.

At the bottom of the screen, you see 7 basic elements.
When you click on one of the elements, you can use it.
Sometimes you can use spell casting.

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