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WASD - Move
Left click - Fire
E - to trade and to pick up items
Right click - to drop item/weapon
Scroll - Choice weapon
1,2,3 - Choice weapon
Shift - Run
C - Ivisible
T - Chat

Short Description:
The main goal in is to perform tasks in order to improve the experience. You will get the opportunity to acquire more powerful weapons for war with the enemies.
The place of action is a post-nuclear world where one can act alone, improving one's skills.
And you can create clans and control the territory with your friends.

In the upper left corner is the task - how many things you need to bring to sell them.
For the completed tasks you get money and improve your experience. Experience is needed to buy things in the store.

Things you should bring are in boxes or in piles of rubbish and other objects.
Pay attention to your lower right corner. There is an icon of a backpack.
Near the icon number 6. This means that you can carry in the backpack no more than six items.
If you took an item that is not needed right now, right click on it and you will throw it away.
To take an item to, press the E key.

When your backpack is full, do not hesitate and go to the safe area to sell the collected items.
In a safe zone, you can not shoot other players or beat them.
Go to the buyer and press E, so you give all the items.
You will be given a new task and you will get a new level.

Sometimes in there is a gold box. It is marked with a special icon on the screen and you need to hurry to it.
There are many useful things. Including weapons. has automatic turrets. To get past them, use the two features that you own - speed and invisibility.
The speed is activated with the Shift key, the invisibility is C. If you lose all the way, then you lose things but not money.

The developers promise the following improvements:
Upcoming Features
• More guns & grenades
• Bigger Map
• Health Kits & consumables
• Friend groups
• Saving progress
• NPC enemies (bandits & zombies)
• Traps
• Daily Quests & leaderboards

According our data have now ~45 players.