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Movement: W, A, S, D
Aim: Mouse
Punch/Shoot: Left-Click
Swap Weapons: 1 and 2
Stow Weapons (Punch Mode): 3 or E
Reload: R
Scope Zoom: Scroll Wheel or Click on Zoom
Pickup/Loot: F
Use Item: Click on Item
Cancel Action: X
View Map: M or G

The goal of surviv.io is to be the last player. You live only once per game - there is no respawn! You will start the game without any items other than a simple backpack. Navigate the map to find the prey: weapons, ammunition, sights and medical supplies. Eliminate the other players, and you can take their prey! But players are not the only thing that can harm you. The deadly red zone will move from the sides of the map and cause more and more damage if you are in it. Follow the map and watch it.