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Description Control: Mouse - Move Left click - Accelerate Short Description: The old legend is back. Control your pacman (TM), eat cookies and increase points. You can eat other players and will grow up. On the map there are different fruits. They will quickly increase your size. As soon as you becom
Tagfight vertical
Description Control: WASD - Move Q - Action Short Description: You will must play this game. Several platforms are connected by stairs. Circles with different abilities fly in the air. As soon as such a bubble bursts on your character, you get, for example, a pistol. You can and fight without weapon
Tag3d avia shooter
Description Control: Left click - Shot Mouse - Move WASD - Turn around Short Description: A new game about of battles in the air is finally available. Several rounds during which points accumulate. Try to keep in the tail of the opponent, and to search try to climb higher. Pay attention on cursor, r
Description Control: WASD - Move Left click - Shoot Middle button - Switch weapon F - Shield Short Description: In this game you will have a desperate battle. Collect scattered colored dots and increase your influence. Sometimes you can see circles with inscriptions. Be sure to collect it. This is a v
Description Control: Left click - Shoot Right click - Rotate camera WASD - Move 1-9 - Buy weapons Short Description: Use numerous weapons scattered on the map and destroy your rivals. If you see a weapon, stand on this place and wait, so you get it. During the game you are getting gold, after game y
Tagagar space
Description Control: Mouse - Move Left click - Accelerate Short Description: In this game you need to play with gravity. You control a black hole and absorb various planets that fall into your path. Be careful, there is a very big black hole in the center of the map. If you fall into it the game is o
Tagfight maze
Description Control: Arrow keys - Move Space - Drop ball Short Description: This game is not like the others. You move along with other players through the maze. Each player can cause a big ball that can easily crush a player. You need to destroy other players and not die yourself.
Tagshooter vertical
Description Control: Arrow keys - Move Up key - Jump Left click - Shoot Right click - Meele Midle click - Grenade Short Description: The battle of alien monsters and you can take part in this. There are various weapons scattered on the map. Immediately look for the most powerful. If ammo is over, r
Tagfight vertical
Description Control: Arrow keys - Move Left clcik - Accelerate Right clcik - Down Short Description: You can take part in the war of llamas. To get points, you need to jump on the head of another llama. Or collect stars located on the map. Be careful, your points are very easily lost in battle.
Tag3d fight strategy upgrade
Description Control: Left click - Action Right click - Eat / Use WASD - Move 1-5 - Item beg F - Use B - Bag G - Update Short Description: First you need to build the most necessary to survive from attacks of enemies. Pay attention to the bottom of the screen, there you will see a stone tower. Cre

What does io Games mean?

Browser multiplayer games appeared at the dawn of the Internet. For a long time, the development of the genre was constrained by weak connection speed, slow computers and the lack of necessary technologies. Gradually, all this disappeared. The Internet has become very fast and technology is better. In the middle of the '10, Matheus Valadares created the famous agario. Which became a pioneer of this genre - io games! He posted it game on .io domain. So they are called io games. They combine: simple control, interesting gameplay and ease of mastering. She quickly conquered the world and created all the others io games which you knows! Already after appeared such titans as or But the first was agario. By the way, you can play it.

Why do you need this site?

-We try to publish new io games on the day of their release, so you are always up to date.
-We have extensions for the most popular browsers.
-Our list is unique. We were the first to use the idea of combining a list of io games, their Let's Play and a fast rate system. As a result, you can quickly choose either a new one, or a better io game. And use the familiar principle of io games - only with the mouse.

What functions does our site perform:

- io games list - We have the most detailed list of games in comparison with other games sites. We just add games and only users decide, good this game or not. At the moment we have more than 400 games, there anyone can choose the game to your liking. We think that we have created a very correct model a list of io games. Each element of our list has some function and can be used.
- top rated - Many gaming sites use the model of rating for io games on based on one out of ten. This does not allow to accurately assess the games and gives similar results. We use such system to rate the best games where there is no top or bottom borders. This allows us to create a very good user list of games. But we also use another model for rating of games. According to their attendance. You can compare these indicators on our site. We use a combination of several game rating methods for creating our site. We hope that you come in handy.
- io games online - It happens that the games stop working. We periodically check whether this works a game. And if something is wrong, it is temporarily excluded from the rating. This is not good. But it allows make a quality website for games.
- strategy, 3d, survival and other - All games are different. But there are general directions. If you are a fan a certain genre, for example 3d io games, then just click on sticker near to the game button. So you can easily navigate our site. We have many genres: agar, shooter, slither, race, tower defense, upgrade, splix.
- all io games - We strive to present all the games that exist in the network. No restrictions. Just go and choose using all the options.