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What does io Games mean?

Browser multiplayer games appeared at the dawn of the Internet. For a long time, the development of the genre was constrained by weak connection speed, slow computers and the lack of necessary technologies. Gradually, all this disappeared. The Internet has become very fast and technology is better. In the middle of the '10, Matheus Valadares created the famous agario. Which became a pioneer of this genre - io games! He posted it game on .io domain. So they are called io games. They combine: simple control, interesting gameplay and ease of mastering. She quickly conquered the world and created all the others io games which you knows! Already after appeared such titans as or But the first was agario. By the way, you can play it.

Why do you need this site?

-We try to publish new io games on the day of their release, so you are always up to date.
-We have extensions for the most popular browsers.
-Our list is unique. We were the first to use the idea of combining a list of io games, their Let's Play and a fast rate system. As a result, you can quickly choose either a new one, or a better io game. And use the familiar principle of io games - only with the mouse.